What’s your favorite book about Affiliate Marketing?

By Jo Thomson | Affiliate Marketing

May 16

My favorite book about affiliate marketing is the Affiliate Marketers Playbook by my mentor, Dean Holland. I love the book because it really is proving already to be a game changer in the way you do your affiliate marketing in 2018. It’s a concise read, packed full of powerful tips and strategies. It gives you the straightforward, honest, and no-nonsense truth about why most affiliates currently fail to make a profit, and it’s NOT because they can’t get enough traffic. The current methods are fatally flawed, and Dean shows you what you MUST do instead to turn things around so you can actually make a profit, and also sustain your online business. Furthermore, he goes on to show you how you can actually give away products for FREE and still make more profit in your business.

You will learn the 4 key elements that you absolutely MUST have in place in your business so you can make a full-time income as an affiliate. I’m not referring to sales on Clickbank or anything like that. Sure, some people have made a lot of money promoting affiliate products through Clickbank, and continue to do so, but they have a system in place which allows them to make a significant profit and enables them to sustain their business.

If you finally want the truth about affiliate marketing and why only a small percentage of people succeed, while others continue to fail – I urge you to grab yourself a FREE copy of the Affiliate Marketers Playbook.

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